There can’t be a moderate Islam just as there is no such thing as healthy disease or sensible insanity. Islam is extreme. To fight Islamic extremism you have to fight Islam. There is no middle ground. Either you eradicate Islam or Islam will eradicate you. The choice is yours.

Malaysian Defence League is a local human rights group that is inspired from English Defence League (EDL) that has a special focus on local issues concerning Islam in Malaysia.

Disclaimer: we presently have no official association with EDL nor do we have any official endorsement from officers of EDL (yet). For official statement and information on EDL, please visit – We do now ;)

We at Malaysian Defence League share the similar goals with English Defence League. However, considering the political nature of Malaysia as a constitutional Islamic nation, we integrate special goals and strategy to realistically act as a representative voice in the Malaysian society for an alternative opinion about the real dynamics of Islam in the Malaysian society – uncensored.

Malaysian Defence League has a goal to systematically limit the power of Islam in the dictates of judiciary and social dynamics of Malaysia while promoting basic human rights according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) as our standard guideline. We believe in true democracy and we strongly condemn ideologies that promote or attempt to exercise totalitarian, dictatorship, violent militant regime such as political Islam.

We believe in freedom of choice and freedom of religion and that each individual has his/her own birthright to choose to profess the religion he/she wishes and chooses to express. And thus we promote these values, honoring individual rights before any collective community rights (ex. Islamic community/the ummah).

Islam is an evil totalitarian political ideology pretending to be a religion. The only reason Islam manages to stand today is due to the western empathy to accept this eastern ideology while Islam confronts the world as a wolf under a sheepskin.

As it is in Malaysia, we aim to dismantle syariah court and social powers that Islam imposes to the people of Malaysia, be it Muslims and non-Muslims, by the following methods:

  • Telling the truth about Islam
  • Exercising our basic human right to freedom of expression and fighting against censorship
  • Supporting and encouraging apostates of Islam (murtads) to stand tall and to not be intimidated by Islam
  • Peaceful demonstrations to raise awareness about the true nature of Islam in the Malaysian society
  • Being a representative voice in Malaysia about the problem of Islam in Malaysia
  • Providing a place for an honest public dialogue to discuss and debate about Islam between Muslims, non-Muslims, murtads, muallafs, and those investigating to embrace the Islamic faith

Malaysian Defence League is a non-political, and non-profit organization. We express our cause through a single-issue debate that is taboo in the Malaysian society and often censored by the Malaysian government.

We support the following local communities, individuals, and causes:
Malaysian Christian Defence League
Murtads in Malaysia and Singapore
Kelab Taat Suami
Makcik Hajjah Sitt Al-Wuzara
The Anti-Jihadist
Malaysian Atheists Organization

26 Responses to Introduction

  1. lizababy20 says:

    hao saitan….
    ko jngan nak mnyamr laa..hehehe…
    sian ko kan kuli politik..ermm..byk ke duit ko dpt…
    xpe la..nnti ko da mmpos nnti..bru la ko dpt balasan…hine sey aku tgk ko nie…ludah aku ni pon..x lyk org mcm ko mnum tau…eee….ko lebih jijik dri pig..

  2. Zara says:

    Hi My name is Siti, recently I saw many post about Murtad…I want to join your group, I’m happy to see that there is people who are brave to pursue in what they believe in. I’m scared…I hope to find a place where I’m confortable in. I had enough of all of this…I want to be brave and speak up now. Just like u!

    • Hi Zara! So wonderful to see you here! You are most welcome to have your voice heard and to participate with other murtads in Malaysia on Facebook. I have alerted the admins over at Apostates in Malaysia and Singapore to look out for your name, and they will welcome you and have you on board soon!

    • samid621467 says:

      Hi Zara! This is Malaysia…do you study in Malaysia. If you think you’re not comfortable in Malaysia…then find other country…why bothering staying in Malaysia…Islam is the religion of the Federation but it then goes on to say that this does not affect the other provisions of the Constitution (Article 4(3)). Therefore, the fact that Islam is the religion of Malaysia does not by itself import Islamic principles into the Constitution but it does contain a number of specific Islamic features:
      1.States may create their own laws to govern Muslims in respect of Islamic law and personal and family law matter.
      2.States may create Syariah courts to adjudicate over Muslims in respect of State Islamic laws.
      3.States may also create laws in relation to offences against percepts of Islam but this is subject to a number of limitations: (i) such laws may only apply to Muslims, (ii) such laws may not create criminal offences as only Parliament has the power to create criminal laws and (iii) the State Syariah Courts have no jurisdiction over Islamic offences unless allowed by federal law (see the above section).
      Bahasa Malaysia is a must for all malaysian…stay away from it if you think you’re not malaysian citizenship…it’s nothing to do with you

  3. Romanós says:

    I fully support and endorse your position and your efforts in limiting the power of islam in Malaysian society. I have added your blog to the sidebar of my main blog, Cost of Discipleship, under the heading ‘Mission to islam’. I hope you will make good use of this blog. Thanks for putting it online. God, the living God (not the Allah of the ummah) protect you.

  4. Ryan's Dad says:

    Well, how successful has it been to date? I do not believe that it can be done in Malaysia due to the following reasons: –

    1. Islam is heavily politicized
    2. Hence, Political Parties are protecting Islam
    3. Majority Muslim Malays which are truly mentally backward will go all out protecting Islam and it does not matter whether they understand it or not, but they will just protect it anyway.

    At best is to fight for freedom to chose. Bear in mind, Islam’s mandatory teaching says once a muslim will always be a muslim, to leave, death punishment awaits… How do you change this?

    • The fight for freedom of Muslims and non-Muslims from Islam in Malaysia has been around for decades, except that there has been a quite a lacking of concentrated effort to focus on the people. Ideas of freedom are extremely valuable, however ideas in action will be the deal-breaker that moves things for all of us in Malaysia. Presently, Malaysian Defence League is working on a lot of foundational things and we hope to take the next step soon to have our valuable voices heard. Keep the faith. Never surrender.

  5. N Lee says:

    I am a Malaysian now based overseas. It is refereshing to know that there are Malaysians with guts. You may be a lonely voice in the wilderness, but we hope and pray that your calls may come to fruition.

    God Bless

  6. Penegak Kebenaran says:

    Bahan bakar api neraka selama-lamanya…

  7. Aizu Hakimi says:

    Please stop insulting Islam !

  8. young muslim says:

    you all just start a wrong war,someday we will get you…just wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. mykid says:

    Kau ni ada masalah dengan otak. Aku cadangkan kalau kau nak sangat menuntut kemerdekaan angan2 kau tu, kau kena mengadap raja. Kalau kau bodoh sangat baik kau lari dari Malaysia, duduk negara lain atau pun bunuh diri. Islam ialah agama RASMI Malaysia. aku repeat, Islam adalah agama RASMI Malaysia. Nak aku repeat lagi? Usaha kau ni sia2 je.

  10. AKU says:


  11. zamy says:

    go to hell all of you

  12. the truth is inside islam says:

    klu nak murtad… jgn sesatkan org lain..sesungguhnya Allah itu wujud..dan islam itu benar…sayang org spt kamu yg nampak berilmu tp sgt cetek kebenaran….semoga Allah memberImu hidayah…Ingatlah azab Allah swt amatlah pedih…AKU NAIK SAKSI TIADA TUHAN SELAIN ALLAH & MUHAMMAD ITU ADALAH PESURUHNYA….Allahuakhbar!!!

  13. Hati Riang says:

    This is interesting indeed. Let’s do it

  14. Joachim Thayalan says:

    As long it does not cause chaos them Am i support for every human life’s liberation.

  15. Jack Sipalau says:

    I fully support you as I have full compassion towards the Murtad’s predicament. Been following most of the paged that you mentioned above espcially the first two. Wish I could participate in both of them. Applied to the admin of Apsostate in Malaysia but so far no respond yet. How do I join MCDL?


    • Hi Jack! Thank you so much for stopping by and supporting us! By default, our admins over at AMS automatically reject applications to the group. I have informed them to look out for your name, and if you would be awesome to send a request to join us on Facebook, we’ll have you on board as soon as possible! Have a wonderful week and God bless!

  16. muslim says:

    MDL EDL same like JDL <<<< all the same TERRORIST ORGANISATION

  17. wasp45 says:

    I have just read your article on your site. As a supporter of the English Defence League, I would like to inform your readers and your membership that the EDL is not a racist organisation. Neither are we political extremists on the ‘far right’ as our far left opponents and the British media and politicians portray us.

    We believe in the same values as your good selves, such as the right and freedom of people to practice their own religions and cultures without threat, violence and harassment. However, we do believe that fundamental Islam and Sharia is incompatible with these values and is using our democracy in order to advance their objective of a global Islamic Caliphate under Sharia Law, with the complicity of our own government, their agencies and other political organisations with their own agenda.

    May I offer my personal good wishes (I am not writing on behalf of the EDL) for the success of your organisation and pray that you achieve equal status in what is, primarily, an Islamic state.

  18. Arthur. says:

    Hi, good wishes from a member of the EDL, hope your fight back is successful.


  19. samid621467 says:

    hi there…actually there’s no equal status in unequality in faiths and believing…equality only found in islam and among islam believers…so get the hell out there if you are not in the same ground…sure there is no equality…if you ask equality while you’re outside islam…you’re the one who are against equality

  20. you whole lot can go and fuck yourself

  21. chumachil says:

    I wish you should include the rediscovery an acknowledgement of Hindu-Buddhist-animist past of the Malay people.

    (and the surnames for them should be compulsory, by the way.)

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