Malaysian Defence League is a group whose members are human rights activists of various causes. We are your everyday people who are genuinely and deeply concerned about the future of Malaysia. We are murtads, munafiks, kufars, kafirs, Muslims, non-Muslims, professionals, students, wife of somebody, husband of somebody, sons of somebody, daughter of somebody, mother of somebody, father of somebody, friend of somebody who have been afflicted by the cruel Islamic regime of Malaysia, know somebody who does, and/or touched by these individuals and their courageous journey to say NO and enough is enough from threats and intimidation of Islam.

At Malaysian Defence League we come together as brothers and sisters in humanity to support and protect persecuted individuals by the Islamic regime of Malaysia. We unite to provide a real voice behind the silent cries of abuses and intimidation of Islam inflicted upon real people among us in this so-called moderate Islamic nation.

The escalating problems with Islam in the Malaysian society has reached a degree of concern where we can no longer ignore. Many human rights activists in the past have attempted to fight for individual rights in Malaysia. As a result, they have been persecuted and forced into silence by government-controlled media and the Malaysian Islamic regime in various degrees of severity.

The Malaysian government has many times successfully exercised their power full force to censor their voices via cruel and inhumane measures. We at Malaysian Defence League condemn such practices and for that very reason, this group is established to raise awareness and to educate the public about issues concerning the Islamic regime of Malaysia. And we will stop at nothing in order to overcome the increasing censorship inflicted upon the Malaysian society by the Malaysian government regardless how unlawful it is.

Malaysian Defence League serves as a call to the Malaysian society to stand up for what is humane, moral, and respecting of each individual’s dignity. Now is not the time to be lawful by Islam or lawful by the constitution. Now is the worst time to be a law-abiding citizen of Malaysia. Now is the time to be responsible and moral citizens of Malaysia, respecting and protecting humanity and individual rights of each citizen in Malaysia. We are in a brotherhood of humanity, regardless race, ethnicity, culture, and religion.

In a democratic country such as Malaysia we believe in our inalienable birthright to freedom of choice, freedom of religion, and freedom of expression on the merit that we were born human first. Our religious, ethnic, racial, cultural identities are not the dictates of our personal choices and we have full right to exercise, profess, change, and even denounce elements of these identities to the dispense of our conscience.


2 Responses to Mission

  1. khalifah says:


    • chumachil says:

      So what? Can you please acknowledge and recognize your pre-Islamic past before talking rubbish. By the way, kid, adopt a surname.

      Or learn from Indonesia.

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