Malaysian Defence League is sending representatives to the following events in 2012:

Darwin Day – Singapore
hosted by the Humanist Society of Singapore
on February 12, 2012
Darwin Day is an international event organized by the Humanist Society of Singapore which we wish to extend and demonstrate our support for this remarkable initiative and effort. As a human rights organization we believe in the fundamental values of humanity which overlaps with the Humanist Society of Singapore. We welcome all to attend Darwin Day and join us in Singapore to celebrate and appreciate the history and progress of our diversity in humanity.

Counter-Jihad Meeting 2012 – Aarhus, Denmark
hosted by European Freedom Initiative
on March 31, 2012
This meeting is a joint effort with various individual activists and human rights organizations such as English Defence League, Stop Islamization of Europe, European Freedom Initiative, Danish Defence League, etc. and is hosted by European Freedom Initiative. Malaysian Defence League looks forward to be a part of this important conference. Freedom lovers out there, come join us in Aarhus, Denmark!

(Updated: 02/07/2012)

We are excited to announce that Malaysian Defence League is officially in alliance and in association with English Defence League.

(Updated: 02/04/2012)


One Response to News

  1. Dave W says:

    Shalom from Israel and Belgium!

    I am glad that Malaysians are finally waking up to this menace. The EDL and other patriotic groups in the UK are coordinating with counter-jihad groups in the middle east and Europe.

    How can coordinate and maybe organise ourselves in your region. I wil be in Singapore shortly and would love to take things forward.

    Best wishes to you in the good struggle


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